Knights of Columbus Donated 40 Cases of Girl Scout Cookies

Delivery of Girl Scout cookies to Aura Home. Pope John II, Knights of Columbus Raleigh brought 40 cases of cookies to give to homeless women veterans and their family members.
(Inventory 10 Samoas, 10 Mints, 10 Trefoils, 10 Savannah Smiles)
People in the picture below are Knights of Columbus crew, CGVAMC VAVS staff and Alyce.  Tom Dupree on your far right (suspenders) is Knights of Columbus VAVS State Representative.
We thank him for supporting Aura Home Women Vets and his continued support of delivering women's clothing. Clothing delivery is postponed (3 trucks of cookies no room for clothes) rescheduled for August 15th.
Knights of Columbus in Raleigh NC